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Let's Grill Jeannie In This Podcast About Underwriting Real Estate Deals

August 27, 2019 Presented by RE Mentor Featuring Jeannie Orlowski From REMentor’s Investor Relations and Jermaine Evans, Our Coaching Coordinator. Season 1 Episode 53
Real Insights
Let's Grill Jeannie In This Podcast About Underwriting Real Estate Deals
Show Notes

Oh no, you have a problem with underwriting that deal? Let's solve it with this week's Real Insight...

How to sort through discrepancies on rent rolls, T12 issues, putting in an L-O-I based on the numbers you were provided BUT LET'S MAKE DISCOVERIES DURING THE DUE DILIGENCE AND GET THE NUMBERS WE NEED ON THIS PROPERTY, and some other pesky problems with underwriting we solve in less then 30 mins, enjoy!!!

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An all time favorite episode of the podcast listen in

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Here are some highlights:

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