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I See A Leprechaun - Not Binding Contracts - Blind Pool Investing - Real Insights Podcast #5 - REMentor
May 29, 2018 Dave Lindahl

This one starts out with Dave planning a trip to Nepal for some meditation before getting down to business and answering questions from real estate newbies, 48 hour offers, what to do when sellers leverage your deal into another, playing buyers off each other, the real estate game, wording LOIs so they are honored, dirty words like “not binding”, purchase and sale agreements, that song, “Jean.” 

Running projections in multifamily investments, using “blind pools” to finance properties, narrow down your markets, and what to do when a seller wants you to guess the building’s equity. 

Join Dave Lindahl and Sugar Ray Leonard for the main event at Ultimate Partnering 2018 — Grow your business. 

Revolutionize your deal making. Increase your net worth. 
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