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It's Gonna Get Ugly - Property Managers - Value Plays - Structuring Deals - Real Insights Podcast #4 - From REMentor
May 22, 2018 Dave Lindahl

Dave helps some investors navigate some rocky milage in their deals, a 65 unit cottage style property is closed, value plays and additional acres, mom and pop property managers, crowdfunding scams, structuring deals and variables, loss pro forma in Atlanta, that Red Sox and Yankee rivalry, when to get investors opinions, controlling the deal, and treating them like partners, but having the final say. 

Wrongful death suit on a property?! How is Savannah doing as a market, all real estate is “local”, and he explains what that means, avoiding property landmines, current state of investing in multifamily real estate, and finally, the difference between reading books as a parent and being a parent as an analogy to real estate professionals with kids. 

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