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Let’s Grill Jeannie - Rental Agreements - 1031 Developments - 5 Year Pro Formula - Real Insights Podcast #2 - From REMentor
May 14, 2018 Jeannie Orlowski, Jermaine Evans

Jeannie, Investor Relations from REMentor, gets grilled by our mentorship students. She is joined by Jermaine from the Mentorship Coaching Department. 

They go deep into pocket listings, 5 year pro formula, how to deal with month-to-month rentals, avoiding a mass tenant exit crisis, struggling with rental agreements, planning 10 month leases, 1031 developments, hanging on for 6 months, and avoiding nuisance properties. 

Join Dave Lindahl and Sugar Ray Leonard for the main event at Ultimate Partnering 2018 — Grow your business. Revolutionize your deal making. Increase your net worth. 
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