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How Many Shipping Containers Does It Take To Make A House? - Niche Markets - Charity in Real Estate - Owning A Business - Real Insights Podcast #1 - REMentor
May 07, 2018 Nizan Mosery

Dave is joined by Nizan Mosery, "The Serial Entrepreneur." Dave asks Nizan to tell his origin story before he got into real estate, Nizan discusses losing his father, rough transitions into business owning, a stint in Israeli armed services, doing everything Dave said not to do in the real estate game --- Nizan did, including owning a property before he knew it came with a "resident drug dealer" ( relax, folks, it gets worked out ), sacrificing a legendary ponytail to raise money for charity, and the projects they are up to now...including but not limited to a niche market involving shipping containers. 

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